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    Immediate Implants in Aesthetic Zone

    • Recorded Session of the Webinar from 06.05.20


Dr. Algirdas Puišys

Dr. Puisys gualified from the Kaunas University in periodontology 2003-2006. He received general practice dentistry studies at Vilnius university (DDS) 1997-2002 and a PhD degree at Vilnius University, Lithuania (PhD) 2016. Dr. Algirdas Puisys is currently working full-time as a specialist in periodontology. He lectures in such topics as “Implants in aesthetic area - immediate”, “Implants in aesthetic area - early/delayed”, “Implants in Perio patients and periimplantits treatment”, “Lateral bone augmentation and soft tissue management in posterior mandible”, “Keratinized tissue”, “Bone and soft tissue augmentation. Posterior Maxilla”, “Sinus lift”, “Immediate implants in posterior area”, “Vertical bone augmentation”.